Luck favors the prepared mind and a secured location. Yet people generally go about their daily tasks lacking situational awareness, which leaves them vulnerable to attack. They are without the knowledge of best practices for personal safety, how to best secure their environment, design considerations related to security, and what to do during an emergency. That leaves them open to a lot of potential mayhem and violence. They hope to be safe, but hope is not a strategy. 

Physical safety is the focus of our various classes.
“How to COPE with an Active Shooter” offers the most effective civilian response plan to an active shooter event.     

Explore our presentations under the Safety Classes menu and contact us to arrange live and interactive training sessions at your business location. We also offer Zoom seminars. 

We also offer security surveys with an emphasis on Threat Assessment and target hardening. CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles enhance your safety through a process of better design in your environment. The best crime is one that is prevented.

David Craig, FCPP, FCP
Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner
Florida CPTED Practitioner
(Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) 
Workplace Violence Instructor

     David has authored several books including:


Safety Classes

Addressing a variety of workplace violence issues while focusing on their prevention and response is the focus of our three workplace safety presentations by an accredited Workplace Violence instructor. 

How to COPE with an Active Shooter offers a comprehensive exploration of the topic and prepares your staff with the information they need should they be confronted by an active shooter situation. Contact Us to learn more.  

Dynamics of Violence in the Workplace is an OSHA-compliant presentation that will make your employees and your workplace safer and more secure. It includes new advancements in the Run-Hide-Fight concept. Looking for more focus on active shooter response?

Situational Awareness: 
Develop an ideal level of situational awareness that can be maintained indefinitely. Designed by David Craig, this has been presented to thousands of persons. These are best practices to maximize awareness of your surroundings. You will be safer wherever you go. Contact us to learn more.

Additional Safety Classes:

House of Worship Safety:
This presentation covers a wide range of concepts related to security and safety. We have extensive experience performing security surveys and safety seminars for houses of worship. From threat assessment to safety plan development including active shooter response. Best practices and policies combined with effective training lead to the best outcomes. Contact us to learn more.

Avoiding Identity Theft and Scams:  
This class will inform you on many of the ways that you can be separated from your money by skimming, emails, texts, phone scams, through the US Mail, and in person. Business email compromise, as an example, is one of the fastest-growing scammer categories. We have performed this presentation for many groups and organizations. Learning how to recognize scams is the best way to avoid them. This knowledge has benefits for everyone except the scammers. Contact us to learn more.

Safe at Home:
Crime Prevention for the homeowner combines traditional security concepts with CPTED. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. This comprehensive presentation also covers several key vulnerabilities that are exploited by burglars. We have performed many home security surveys and taught the essentials of residential safety and security for years. You’ll receive lots of good tips to keep you safe and protect your possessions at home. Also great for Homeowners Associations. Contact us to learn more.    

Contact us to arrange live and interactive training sessions at your business location. We also offer Zoom seminars.

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Video On Demand

Video on Demand
Preparation is always the key to successful outcomes. By creating a safe environment where you live and work you are much less likely to be a violent crime victim. However, when a quick and effective response is needed, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge and mindset developed through appropriate training. It speeds up reaction time and assures that the best actions are initiated. In the absence of training, you are more prone to acting in ways that decrease the quality of your outcome. Want on-demand instruction on your own schedule? Click to explore our video on demand classes below.

How to Cope With an Active Shooter

Dynamics of Violence in the Workplace

Situational Awareness