Situational Awareness VOD

Situational awareness is a term that is often used but rarely explained. It’s a way of taking in information about people, places, events, and the environment around you and utilizing that data to best respond to threats that may occur. Situational Awareness will also assist you in spotting threats as they are developing which offers you the option of avoiding them completely. We give you simple instructions on what to observe and the optimum mindset for best results and outcomes. Since luck tends to favor the prepared mind, you will benefit from this technique throughout your day. There is never a bad time to have good situational awareness so let us share this empowering information with your staff in this Video On Demand class.

* You may wish to combine this class with “Dynamics of Violence in the Workplace” and/or “How to COPE with an Active Shooter.”  Use our live chat or other contact options for more information.

$39 for 1 week of unlimited plays.
$199 to purchase.

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