People generally go about their daily tasks lacking situational awareness or a viable action plan should a crisis develop. They are without the knowledge of best practices for personal safety, how to best secure their environment, design considerations related to security, and what to do during an emergency. An effective action plan is essential. We offer security assessments, training, and practical solutions to make you more safe and improve outcomes when threats arise.

NEW Florida House Bill 837

Multimillion-dollar lawsuits have often followed criminal acts on multi-family housing properties.   House Bill 837 creates an opportunity to substantially decrease liability while making your property a safer environment.

We help you manage the transition from the property’s existing state to full compliance with the Florida Bill so you can take advantage of the presumption that you are not liable for criminal acts on the property committed by non-employees. Learn more

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Security Assessments are very beneficial as many safety considerations are location-specific. Learn More