Multi Family Housing

*** Florida House Bill 837 ***
The bill states, in part, that by January 1st, 2025:

“The owner or principal operator of a multifamily residential property which substantially implements the following security measures on that property has a presumption against liability in connection with criminal acts that occur on the premises which are committed by third parties who are not employees or agents of the owner or operator.”

There are primarily 3 aspects to compliance:

  • Crime Deterrence and Safety Training for Employees.
  • Implementation of certain security measures.
  • A CPTED Survey (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

Security Solutions Consulting would like to assist you in becoming compliant with House Bill 837 before January 1, 2025. A good first step is the training for employees. We have an online class, available on computers, tablets, phones, or any smart device. A certificate of completion is then emailed to the employee with a copy sent to property management. The process from class to certificate request takes less than 15 minutes.

We have also performed well over a hundred on-site CPTED Surveys which include a written report offering options to consider. Watch the video introduction to the class below. Contact us to learn more.