CPTED Surveys

We employ CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles to maximize your safety. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach to crime prevention that uses urban and architectural design and the management of built and natural environments. CPTED strategies aim to reduce victimization, deter offender decisions that precede criminal acts, and build a sense of community among inhabitants so they can gain territorial control of areas, reduce crime, and minimize fear of crime. CPTED is pronounced ‘sep-ted’ and it is also known around the world as Designing Out Crime, defensible space, and other similar terms. 
First, we discuss your specific concerns so that we focus on addressing them while conducting the assessment at your location. Layered security is always recommended so we look closely at:
* A hi-resolution aerial photo of your location.
* The perimeter of your property.
* The exterior of any buildings.
* Exterior lighting.
* Security-related Landscaping.
* Ambush points.
* Entrances and windows.
* Locks, Alarms, Cybersecurity, and Cameras.
* A tour of the interior to assess vulnerabilities.
* Security policies and procedures.
The CPTED Survey includes a full written report including a list of options to consider and related photos taken on location.

(We can also author a crisis management manual for your business.)  

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