Safety Classes

Our Newest Class:

Safety Training for Multifamily Housing Staff:
Florida House Bill 837 requires that by January 1, 2025 employees of multifamily housing properties receive safety training. This is our newest class presented as an online video with test questions. A certificate will be awarded to those who complete the course and pass the exam. Learn More:

We also offer the classes listed below which are appropriate for both management and staff in any workplace environment.
Each class is about an hour in duration.

Dynamics of Violence in the Workplace:
An OSHA-compliant presentation that can make your employees and your workplace safer and more secure. It includes new advancements in the Run-Hide-Fight concept. Learn More
Situational Awareness: 
Develop an ideal level of situational awareness that can be maintained indefinitely. Designed by David Craig, this class has been presented to thousands of people. Included are best practices to maximize awareness of your surroundings. You will be safer wherever you go. There is never a bad time to have good situational awareness. Learn More

Contact us to arrange live and interactive training sessions at
your business location. We also offer Zoom seminars.
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