How to COPE with an Active Shooter

C.O.P.E. Cover, Observe, Plan & Execute is a common-sense perspective on effective Active Shooter prevention, preparation, and response for civilians.

The threat of an active shooter attack undermines employee confidence. Lack of training can lead to both increased danger and greater liability. “Employers must provide safety training in a language and vocabulary workers can understand.” This is a mandated OSHA requirement and a basic building block of any safe workplace.

Tactics used by active shooters evolve. This requires an ongoing process of rethinking related to effective responses. After-action data has also exposed certain areas of training that have been significantly improved. Prevention and threat recognition are also addressed in this presentation. Updates and the newest tactics are explored.

Replace fear and helplessness with preparation and readiness in the face of potential violence.

David Craig has shared active shooter response awareness with employees in the private sector, government agencies, and the military for over a decade. He is a Workplace Violence Prevention instructor and a former police officer with extensive training from the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute and the Florida Crime Prevention Association. Author of “How to C.O.P.E. with an Active Shooter” available in the Amazon Book Store.

Your staff will learn empowering information on prevention, preparation, and response to an active shooter. Consider the benefits of a safer and more secure workplace. Build confidence by design with this engaging and interactive class. Schedule “How to COPE with an Active Shooter” training now. *
* You may wish to combine this class with “Situational Awareness” and/or “Dynamics of Violence in the Workplace.”  

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